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APOLOGIES, EVERYONE :( [Jul 22nd/ 18:00]

I am almost too embarrassed to be posting here; I suck muchly, i know, especially when not one layout has been created since i started this community. anyway, i'm attempting to start a new layout project that'll be much more flexible - both for you as takers and for me as a creator, as RL's pretty packed for me right now (stupendously major exams end of year). do stay in this community and look out for more details if you're interested (:. if not, i can understand perfectly if you leave :(

i'm really, really, really sorry. i shouldn't have started layout_shop without knowing my own limits :(

the reason why. [May 11th/ 19:29]
[ mood | chipper ]

I've not been coding the Jay Chou: Piano layout from Auction 01; I probably suck a lot to you guys now but I'm really sorry! I've been busy with schoolwork and planning/ designing/ selling organizers to raise funds for charity, and there hasn't been time for me to uh sit back and do other things. This is the reason why:

So do forgive me the lag, I'll put it up as soon as I can (:.

Perhaps a shoutout from you guys to let me know you're still with me in this community will be good :D.

Also, can insipidxarsenic please contact me re: the previous post.

Thank you!

[Apr 30th/ 8:34]


It'll take me a while to get the codes out, though, because I've been pretty swarmed by schoolwork lately. Also, will insipidxarsenic please leave a comment here with the below form:

CustomisingCollapse )

Admin stuff. [Apr 27th/ 19:15]

Please note that there's ONE MORE DAY before bidding for Layout #2 in the previous post is CLOSED.

I'm also in future screening non-bidding comments after a few days.

If you haven't, please read THE PROFILE and the BIDDING SYSTEM. Do also note that you've got to JOIN THE COMMUNITY before all else.

It'd also be helpful to watch the community as you've got to keep track of your bidding position.

Thanks! :D

Auction #01! :D [Apr 24th/ 17:46]
[ mood | creative ]

S1, Generator, Free Accounts. Other requirements will be listed in actual layout entry.

I'm posting three designs at one go! When you auction, do state which layout you're bidding for!

Jay Chou; Fa Ru XueCollapse )

Jay Chou; PianoCollapse )

Kurt Halsey - Out of the WindowCollapse )

ETA 24-4-06 20:24 Seeing as how this is the first entry, here's HOW YOU BID:

001 Comment with a link to where you've promoted layout_shop!
002 1 link = 1 point.
003 Highest bidder ( aka with highest points ) will get the customised version of layout.
004 The rest of you ( i.e. lower-bidders, people who aren't interested in bidding/etc. ) will get the standard premade layout.

However, DO bid 'cos that's how I'd know if the coding job's worth my time! Read Advantages of Bidding here.

Member Points! :D [Apr 24th/ 17:13]

Auctioning in layout_shop works on an accumulation system. This means that although your three promo points in one entry doesn't entitle you as the highest bidder, the points will be carried forward to the next entry. You can thus "save up" for a layout you'd might like customise by bidding the least amount ( i.e. 1 point ) each entry until the desired layout comes along. You can also reject a certain layout, which means the second highest bidder in that certain entry gets the customisation.

Bidders who have won a customised layout in one entry will start out with 5points in the next entry if they plan on bidding for the next layout.

Below is a list of the members and their respective points:
LIST!Collapse )

Application! [Apr 24th/ 17:00]

[ mood | curious ]


001 NO default layouts! This means slapping on a header on top of hardly-customised generator boxes. I'm making Layout Shop semi-elitist in sense that all layouts posted here will at least be coding-decent :D.

002 When granted access, do label in subject the kind and theme of layout you're posting, be it sidebar, centralised, Kelly Clarkson or Jay Chou. This makes for easier archiving. Also, do post in a neat format with your requirements ( such as if a website is needed, layout style, paid/free accounts, preview of design, terms of use/etc. ) clearly listed.
^Note: I'll be providing a form for this ASAP!

003 I'll be moderating posts so I can sieve through what's default and what's not. Otherwise, it's pretty easy to get designing here! :D

Designers will be allowed posting access; comment in THIS entry with form if you're interested:

LJ account:
2 Samples: ( preferably one active layout )

Do apply!

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