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001 NO default layouts! This means slapping on a header on top of hardly-customised generator boxes. I'm making Layout Shop semi-elitist in sense that all layouts posted here will at least be coding-decent :D.

002 When granted access, do label in subject the kind and theme of layout you're posting, be it sidebar, centralised, Kelly Clarkson or Jay Chou. This makes for easier archiving. Also, do post in a neat format with your requirements ( such as if a website is needed, layout style, paid/free accounts, preview of design, terms of use/etc. ) clearly listed.
^Note: I'll be providing a form for this ASAP!

003 I'll be moderating posts so I can sieve through what's default and what's not. Otherwise, it's pretty easy to get designing here! :D

Designers will be allowed posting access; comment in THIS entry with form if you're interested:

LJ account:
2 Samples: ( preferably one active layout )

Do apply!
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I'm still busy until June with school, but this summer I could make some layouts for your community. I included 2 types of layouts, scrolling entry boxes and simple/sidebar, and 2 of each type since I'll be modifying these layouts over the next few weeks and I wanted to ensure you could at least see 1 of each type working. Layouts are newest to oldest. On my account I'm still fiddling with the comment links (but too busy to fix now).

Oh, and if you're curious, I saw your post on __eyecandy.

LJ account:
2 samples:
  • scrolling entrybox & rollovers (entries page only,incomplete -date & comment links): click & scrolling entrybox & sidebar (all views working, won third place at raburesu contest) click (edit/mem links slightly larger in Opera, didn't bother to fix)
  • simple sidebar (entries view only): click & simple header w/rollovers (all views): click (just threw it into an account for you, not gonna bother changing the blue nametags, but of course, I could)
    Email: hang_nga_79NOSPAM at

    NONE of these layouts is available for public use, these are just samples... I'll make layouts specifically for public use/this comm later)
  • OF COURSE! :D.

    i'll go about granting you posting access right now; do bookmark this page 'cos i might be making some changes to posting-of-design rules now and then. also, it's okay if you're starting some time after, but don't go MIA! i had that happen to me before >.<

    THANKS! <33
    OH WAIT.

    You need to join the community first! :P
    granted access! :D