my_transfix (my_transfix) wrote in layout_shop,

Member Points! :D

Auctioning in layout_shop works on an accumulation system. This means that although your three promo points in one entry doesn't entitle you as the highest bidder, the points will be carried forward to the next entry. You can thus "save up" for a layout you'd might like customise by bidding the least amount ( i.e. 1 point ) each entry until the desired layout comes along. You can also reject a certain layout, which means the second highest bidder in that certain entry gets the customisation.

Bidders who have won a customised layout in one entry will start out with 5points in the next entry if they plan on bidding for the next layout.

Below is a list of the members and their respective points:

insipidxarsenic - 15
so_whyher - 10
xrubyqims - 1
dagerm89 - 1

This is how auctioning will benefit both you and me:

001 You'll get a customised version of what is otherwise a standard premade!
002 I can determine the different responses to different layouts, and know whether time spent on coding job's worth it.
003 The community can be expanded, and new designers will come in! :D
004 You can "save up" till your heart's-desire comes along! ( read above )

So yup. Go auction now! :D
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